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Project Name:  

  • SSP-Solid State Polymerization (Polytex tech,Polytex Design)
  • Main principle:Solid State Polymerization, also known as solid phase polycondensation, is a polycondensation reaction in a solid state,The polymer chips are heated to a temperature above the glass transition(between about 10-40<C below the melting point),The small molecule is carried away by vacuum or inert gas protection (usually using high purity nitrogen) so that the polycondensation reaction is started and the viscosity is increased.
    Project Description:  

  • Batch-SSP (Drum type,Single line:1TPD゛20TPD)
  • Continous-SSP (Single line:15TPD゛600TPD)
    Batch-SSP (Drum type,Single line:1TPD゛20TPD)  
  • Chip convery and packing system
  • Pre-crystallization system
  • Drum system with Specially design
  • Cooling system
  • Nitrogen circulation system
  • Secondary Thermal Fluid system
  • Dust and Static electricity Removal system
    Specification and Advantage:  
  • Nitrogen cooling system with Specially design
  • New dust removal technology reduces dust content
  • New proprietary static removal technology
  • Compared with traditional old-fashioned drums, product quality is more stable and easier to control./li>
  • Apply to:For stringent quality requirements, design in accordance with special requirements (such as low oligomer content, dust-free static electricity, low-end carboxyl).

    Continous-SSP (Single line:15TPD゛600TPD)  
  • Chip convery and packing system
  • Pre-crystallization system
  • Crystallization system
  • Solid phase polycondensation reaction system
  • Cooling system
  • Dust and Static electricity Removal system
  • Nitrogen refining system
  • Dust and Static electricity Removal system
  • DCS
  • Specification and Advantage:
  • The control strategies with Various temperature and pressure precision
  • Reliable and stable Residence time period
  • Highly flexible operation
  • Own Know-how and Manufacturing
  • Low material and public utility consumption, excellent economical
  • Adapt to multi-variety production
  • Comprehensive running costs are highly competitive
  • (In cooperation with domestic partners to launch new SSP)
  • The SSP undertaken by POLYTEX can be operated for a long time under a load of 65% to 120%. It has the advantages of low temperature, low energy consumption,flexibility, and functionality.
  • Safe, stable and easy to control are the main features of the POLYTEX project.
  • Integrated production costs very competitive advantage for our customers in the market competition in the industry and be able to obtain long-term advantage.
  • Performance for many potential customers reference, welcome customers to visit polytex.
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