Polytex Engineering Group is one of the chemical engineering, procurement, fabrication and construction (^EPC ̄) management service and technology providers in China. From technology licensing, project planning, fabricating and engineering design, procurement and construction management, as well as start-up and operational services, Polytex provides diversified services and one-stop solutions to clients worldwide.
  Polytex provides EPC project including PET/PBT/PTT/PBS/Pa6/Pa66/PLA/PC and other polymerization plant, SSP, all kinds of spinning production line supporting projects, renewable polymerization equipment, coal chemical engineering Technology, Hydrogen Peroxide project contracting, various new chemical industrialization devices and so on.       More >>

We advocate integrity,innovation and harmony.

We strive to create a fair,trust,can fully stimulate the creativity of the work environment,so that delicate and efficient to do everything to become a living habits.
We create a sustainable, effective improvement of the quality system, the quality, applicable, safe and value-added projects to the user, so POLYTEX and our partners to form a long term cooperation
We continue to work hard to improve management efficiency, has achieved ERP management and office automation OA management.