Project Name:  

  • Hydrogen Peroxide Project-HP/H2O2 (Polytex tech,Polytex Design)

  • Main route: Production of hydrogen peroxide by ruthenium palladium catalyst using hydrogen as raw material

    Anthraquinone is in the presence of a catalyst, the hydrogenation alkylanthraquinone dissolved in an organic solvent, to give the corresponding alkyl anthraquinone hydrogen, which is then oxidized, i.e. generated by H2O2; simultaneously alkyl anthraquinone and hydrogen is converted to Alkyl hydrazine. The produced H2O2 is extracted with pure water to obtain a product, and the raffinate alkyl hydrazine solution can be recycled after being treated.
      The advantages of the method are low energy consumption, low cost, environmental protection, good safety performance, and suitable for large-scale production. Currently, almost all countries in the world adopt this method.

    Project Description:  

  • Continues Type(Single line:30-750 TPD,Depending on the final product & different concentrations)
  • Safety features

  • For the production of safety features anthraquinone method,Focus on reliable research in two major areas(Oxidation residue treatment AND Working fluid with alkali in after-treatment system), The specific raffinate separation tank with absorbent structure can completely eliminate explosion hazards oxide residue ;
  • The unique design of the after-treatment process and its equipment completely eliminates another safety hazard that has long been plagued by the circulating working fluid with the hydrogen peroxide production.

  • Energy efficient:

  • The hydrogenation efficiency is efficient and stable, and the output of the general device is increased by more than 50%. The utilization of the catalyst is reasonable, and the life is effectively extended;
  • Relatively saving investment, the oxidation yield is increased by 5-8%, and the output of the plant is increased by more than 5%, which makes the system production cycle more stable;
  • The new alkali-free drying process is safe and reliable, and the consumption of chemical auxiliary materials is extremely low, Reduce investment in process and energy-saving equipment.
    Designed according to the environmental requirements  
  • Tail gas treatment in Oxidation: a complete set of exhaust gas expansion refrigeration unit, and can provide users with key equipment for further processing;
  • Other air treatment systems: a uniquely designed closed recovery method that specifically targets aromatic hydrocarbon gases that are difficult to eliminate by similar companies;
  • Process emissions waste recovery system: for the working fluid in case a leak can be timely and effective recovery, prevent environmental pollution incidents.
  • Full cycle countercurrent hydrogenation fixed bed process and equipment(Patent:ZL 2014 1 0199991.6)
  • Three large solvent circulation falling film evaporator and concentrated Equipment / Anthraquinone Production Technology.
  • Serial and full-circulation wet sodium percarbonate process and equipment/working fluid alkali-free drying (coagulation method) regeneration process equipment.
  • Safe, stable and easy to control are the main features of the POLYTEX project.
  • Integrated production costs very competitive advantage for our customers in the market competition in the industry and be able to obtain long-term advantage.
  • With the technical support of domestic top experts and the stable supply of catalysts.
  • A EPC hydrogen peroxide plant by POLYTEX with an annual output of 150,000 tons (concentration 27.5%) + 30,000 tons (concentration 50%)- M/S Shandong Jufeng New Energy officially was successed commissioning in Aug 2020.
  • A EPC hydrogen peroxide plant by POLYTEX with an annual output of 300,000 tons (concentration 27.5%) - M/S Shandong Jufeng New Energy officially was started in Dec 2020.
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