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  • PLA Polymerization Lines , PLA chip plant,PLA production plant , Polycondensation plant (Polytex tech,Polytex Design)
  • Main Raw Material:Lactic acid as a raw material, the reaction with new catalyst (lactide polymerization)
    Project Description:  

  • PLA batch type(Single line:1TPD゛20TPD)
  • PLA continuous polymerization(Single line:10TPD゛120TPD)

    Polylactic acid (PLA) is a new polymer which produced from organic acid lactic acid. Its performance is better than that of existing plastics such as polyethylene, polypropylene, and polystyrene. It is defined by the industry as the most promising new type of packaging in the new century. It is a star of environmental protection packaging materials, will be expected to replace polyethylene, polypropylene, polystyrene and other materials for plastic products in the future, with broad application prospects.
      The main advantage of PLA has the following items:
      (1)Good biodegradability: natural microorganisms can be completely degraded in the use of PLA, ultimately to carbon dioxide and water, no pollution, very beneficial to the environment.
      (2)Good mechanical properties and physical properties: PLA suitable for blow molding, and other thermoplastic processing methods, easy to process, is widely used. It is used for processing from industry to civilian various plastic products, packaged food, fast food boxes, non-woven fabrics, industrial and civilian cloth. And then processed into agricultural fabric, fabric care, wipes, hygiene products, outdoor anti-UV fabric, tent cloth, mat surface and so on, the market is very promising.
      (3)Compatibility with the biodegradable Good: PLA in the medical field is also widely used as tool to produce disposable infusion, for demolition type surgical sutures, as low-molecular PLA and the like packaged drug release.

    Resource constraints, environmental constraints have become a problem for the world. Especially with the development and expansion of the scale of the city, increasing the number of garbage and plastic waste accounted for a substantial increase in the proportion, while increasing year by year, so the urgent need to develop recyclable materials,it will be used an important part of recycling economy construction and major breakthrough, PLA came into being in this context.
      With the development of human survival, modern packaging waste has a serious impact on the ecological environment, and "white pollution" has become a concern of the world.
      Currently very unstable world oil supply lead to excessive dependence of many business survival difficult for the urgency of the growing use of renewable raw materials.
      PLA fibers come from nature (raw materials can be extracted from natural), go to nature (completely decomposed into carbon dioxide and water, harmless to nature's circulation), and the waste water produced during its processing,Exhaust gas is much less than other petroleum-based synthetic fibers, so it is a sustainable eco-fiber.Its fibers, fabrics and nonwovens its excellent moisture absorption and moisture retention, high elastic recovery, low flammability and smoke generation, UV stability, good feel and excellent drapability properties,These excellent performance has received more and more attention from people.With the maturity of fermentation, polymerization, forming technology, a further decline in the cost of PLA fiber will continue to penetrate all areas of our lives.

  • The PBT CP undertaken by POLYTEX can be operated for a long time . It has the advantages of low temperature, low energy consumption, low molar ratio, flexibility, and functionality.
  • At present a set of 40 TPD PLA plant is entering stage installation process, commissioning will be started in end of 2018.
  • Safe, stable and easy to control are the main features of the POLYTEX project.
  • Integrated production costs very competitive advantage for our customers in the market competition in the industry and be able to obtain long-term advantage.
  • We have the expert technical support and a steady supply of catalyst.
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